Lessons are tailored to each student's learning style and interests. Lessons are relaxed and unpressured. The following subjects are covered in lessons:

Sightreading and Music Theory are the basis of a good music education. Students use lesson books, flash cards and apps to develop strong note and rhythm reading. Students also gain a working knowledge of how music is put together.

Technique. Reading the notes is just the first step in being a successful pianist. Dynamics, phrasing, use of pedal, "feeling" the music are all important aspects of playing music beautifully.

Music Styles are introduced to students as they progress. Classical music, jazz, pop, rock music, musicals, movie music and religious music can be covered, depending on the student's interests. Playing music that interests the student helps to motivate good practice skills.

How to Practice. Time is spent in each lesson to talk about the best way to practice. Helpful hints pertaining to practice make music much more satisfying.

Composing original music, creating arrangements of familiar music and improvisation are fun ways for students to share their creativity while also learning how all the parts of music fit together. Writing music can be done at any level. Listen to music by Mona at www.soundcloud.com/monagoodrich

Playing for an Audience. Opportunities are offered throughout the year to perform at local nursing homes and the Grafton Aurora Hospital. This is a wonderful experience for students and an excellent way to volunteer in the community.

Cost of Lessons.. A half hour lesson is $22.00. An hour lesson is $38.00. This can be split between two students at the same location. Price includes Mona's travel time to your home. Lesson books and other materials are paid for by the student.